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This was my first post and kind of explains why I am doing this the best:

Seems like these days everyone is wanting something. They want this thing, they want that approval from someone and there is no way they could live without …(insert meaningless object here). We want a slew of things and not only do we want it now, but expect it and demand it. This can lead to greed, waste, dissatisfaction and a demand of yet …more. I find like many I get angry, fearful, and anxiety over all of these wants and mental demands. Frankly, I was the only one suffering over it. Why the suffering? What good is it for especially since it only seems to exists in our minds. Our environment is reflective of what we feel inside. We get what we give out and this world. What we see is a glimmer of how we feel.

What would happen if we spent 5 minutes wanting less and 5 more minutes of loving? What if we paused for a moment before giving the finger to that stupid ass driver who just cut us off? Just think…they might be on the way to the hospital. It is ok to take a deep breath, forgive them, forego your favorite four letter word and not hold onto the rage for the rest of your morning.

I have spent over a year, well ok, more like a life time lol getting “my priorities” straight lol. But, truly a year ago I decided I am tired of being angry and pissed off all the time. I am tired of working for something, or some title that I thought would make me happy and guess what? Yep, your right, it didn’t. So I decided its was time for me to want less, by getting rid of the clutter that I trip over, the clutter in my mind and open my heart to love of not only those around me but to myself. Oh and I am having a little more fun and creativity along the way.

I am still far from perfect, but I a million times more happy and everyday there seems to be a new amusing lesson in the journey. All in all, I have decided to start living, not wanting. I hope to inspire some others to let their hair down and start living as well. Maybe together we can spread a little more love, happiness and creativity in a time where honestly, the world needs it. Plus, I am sure we could all want a little less.

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